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Well, it's December 31, 2021.  Lee and I had to share one more wedding.  This was a special one to us as it was two of our friends getting married. 

This is a two part post since we had the pleasure of getting them dolled up twice to create memorable portraits before the wedding - I'll share those another time. This is post is to showcase their special celebration on December 4. :)

Watching Tony and Diane's relationship flourish is such a joy.  It's fun knowing that we were there the first night they met.  At the end of this post... you'll see their first video and photo together the night they met over fish fry at Guu's December 2019.  Since then we have enjoyed multiple fish fry's together, they helped us move into our first home, AND completed their first project together of hanging a mirror before they were dating!  Our friend Emily, Lee and I witnessed (and participated in) the night Tony first met Diane's kiddos - complete with a Nerf gun fight and heaps of laughter.  We are thrilled for this new family to walk out their unique story and are honored to have been able to photograph the celebration of their start!

Hey Diane and Tony! If you're reading this... we love you and look forward to our next Friday Night Friends. ;)

With gusto,

Ann (+ Lee)



Here is their first photo together (horrible light and all - second and third on the left) at "Friday Night Fish Fry Friends":

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Brandon + Ashley | Stevens Point Fall Wedding | Eron's Event Barn

Ashley + Brandon

October 30, 2021 was the perfect day for this dynamic duo to get married.  Lee and I loved seeing how Ashley and Brandon carved time out in there day to get in the right headspace for the days events.  Sometimes wedding days can be so packed that couples don't have a moment to let their brain stop and soak up what is actually taking place - getting officially married!  Another fun addition that doesn't always get to happen for couples is having a personal tie to their vendors.  Ashley + Brandon took special care to hire vendors that they knew which made it fun to see them interact with the people that set the stage for their nuptials and celebration! In case you're wondering how Lee and I were connected - Ashley and I graduated high school together back in... I'll let you guess when that is. ;)

Ashley + Brandon's wedding was the perfect way to close out our fall wedding season!  One more to go and 2021 will be complete!

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Adam + Brooke | Sacred Heart Church Wedding | Party at Iola Car Show! Adam + Brooke

This wedding was seriously the biggest wedding party we have ever photographed.  It was such a treat getting to see Adam + Brooke's crew rally around them and celebrate their nuptials.  From the beginning, it was non-stop excitement that continued to roll into the evening. Just a funny insight into their reception... you know when people clink their glasses for the couple to kiss?  Well, they attempted to try to avoid that by making it a requirement for people to do a "shot-ski." Let me tell you, that did not deter the guests - I think that made it a fun challenge for everyone!  From shots to polka dancing this celebration truly was one for the books!  

To the Brooke + Adam:

Thank you for showing Lee and me how big a wedding celebration can be in Central Wisconsin.  It was a blast working with you... and you definitely helped us add to our list of things we have not encountered until now in our 11 years of shooting wedding together!  Thanks for keeping it fresh for us!


With gusto,

Ann + Lee



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Marquise + Eric | Outdoor Fall Wedding | Hatley, Wisconsin  

Marquise + Eric | October 2, 2021


Fall weddings are always a gamble when it comes to outdoor ceremonies, but this year for Lee and I and have not had to deal with rain yet! 

October 2 was an incredible day to celebrate Marquise + Eric's nuptials in Hatley with a beautiful lake and fall colors joining the festivities.  This dynamic duo created a day that not only allowed them to enjoy the day to the ceremony and reception but enough margin to appreciate "getting ready" and photo time!  It's a tough balance but is totally possible, I promise.  If you or someone you know is planning a wedding - my main advice to you is don't pack too full - if you do, you'll have a hard time being in the moment because you're just thinking about "the next thing!"


To Marquise + Eric:

Lee and I loved getting to connect with you.  There definitely were no boring moments on our end with you two!  Eric, you have a firecracker on your hands!  Thank you for choosing us and trusting us with documenting your special day. <3

With gusto,

Ann + Lee


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Whistler's Knoll | Vineyard Wedding | Steve + Emma | Hortonville, Wisconsin

Steve + Emma

This wedding had tears and and laughs every other moment.  Lee and I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Steve + Emma's family and friends come together.  We couldn't have asked for a better day. The setting, Whistler's Knoll Vineyard,  was idyllic and rather surprising.  Lee and I were delightfully surprised by this beautiful venue; we had no clue about this hidden gem located in Hortonville, WI! It was the perfect pairing to go with, all the vibes and range of emotions that filled the day. 

One of my favorite transitions I noticed in their day was in Steve.  Before the "first look," Steve's nervousness was visible... but the moment they saw each other and read their letters to on another it all melted away.  Watching the two of them together just beaming was so FUN! We saw their excitement echoed among all the guests that carried through the rest of the evening.  Lee and I were honored to get to capture their day!


To Steve + Emma:

You two are a blast and thank you for trusting us with photographing your special day!

Lee and I can't wait to connect with you again in the near future - Guu's? ;)

With gusto,

Ann + Lee

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High Cliff State Park Wedding | Jesse + Rachel | Sherwood, Wisconsin

This fall has been fantastic for weddings so far; and Last Saturday, there wasn't a cloud in the sky for Jesse and Rachel's wedding!  Now, there may have been a few mosquitos but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time celebrating this fun duo!

Lee and I had a blast connecting with the couple and the wedding party and it really cemented the fact that we are so thankful to be able to capture such a special day in each couple's life!

Congrats to Jesse + Rachel... and happy one-week anniversary!

With gusto,


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Wedding at Time Keeper Distillery | Jessica + Nick | Wausau, Wisconsin


Today marks the one month wedding anniversary for Jessica + Nick.  When Lee and I asked how they wanted to celebrate getting married, they said they wanted something a little different than the 'traditional' way... here is where the Timekeeper Distillery enters (check them out HERE).  What a venue that created a unique atmosphere to not only have their small intimate ceremony, but ample character to elevate the celebration!  In addition to the venue... they brought in Dueling Pianos (check out Felix and Fingers HERE) to kick off the dance and merriment that ensued for the rest of the evening.  Lee and I loved watching the guests come out of their shell as their favorite tunes played!  Nothing short of a night to remember and join in celebration of Jessica + Nick's nuptial!

To the Jess + Nick:

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day and trusting us to document it!  We truly believe these photos are going to be like a fine wine only getting better with time as you look back and remember this special day.  You two were a delight to work with and look forward to our paths crossing again!  

Happy one month anniversary!

With gusto,

Ann + Lee

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Pfiffner Park | Gabrielle + Harvey | Stevens Point, WI


As a photographer, getting to follow a person through their life's major events is well, special.  When the bride, Gabrielle, was in high school, Lee was one of her teachers and I photographed her senior portraits!  Fast forward a college degree later for Gabrielle and now we get to be a part of her wedding day!

Oh man, Lee and I had a wonderful time with these two.  Getting to know Harvey + Gabrielle as a couple was so fun.  I never tire getting to see each couple's unique personalities come together and in turn how it is displayed on their wedding! 

Their wedding was filled with style, family, close friends, and tons of excitement... and such a sweetness experiencing parents watch the first of their kiddos being married off.  It was truly an honor to get to be included on Harvey and Gabrielle's special day.  


(Ann Ilagan Photography) central wisconsin outdoor wedding pfiffner park pfiffner park wedding stevens point summer wedding wisconsin wisconsin wedding Mon, 23 Aug 2021 14:27:39 GMT
Sacred Heart Church | Chad + Kendra | Polonia, Wisconsin


June 19, 2021 was the perfect day to get married in Wisconsin.  It wasn't too hot or cold... the light was just right and the idea day for Chad + Kendra to unite their two families surrounded by family and friends.  Chad + Kendra truly lined up a relaxed day with plenty of time to sit in the moments that can sometimes be missed on a super full wedding day!  We were able to create portraits with no pressure and watch people enjoy the true merriment that comes with a barn Lee and my favorite part - watching people get out on the floor to a live polka band - that never gets old for us.



To Kendra + Chad:

Thank you for inviting Lee and I into your special day.  It was truly a delight getting to connect with you in the midst of the pandemic and we're thrilled your wedding went off without a hitch!  We look forward to our paths crossing each other again in the future!

Until then...

With gusto,

Ann + Lee


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Cenita Winery Wedding | Camille and Darren | Georgia

It's not every day that a wedding photographer gets to photograph a dear friend's wedding. 

In November 2020, the year that many want to forget,  I photographed a close friend's wedding!  Folks, this is a friend that is going on 17 years of friendship and that is an accomplishment in this day and age.

I met Cami (her professional friends call her Camille) around my 20th birthday - the same time I met Lee (um... the man's whose last name I made my own).  They met several months before I entered the picture. Over the years Cami and I took classes in college together at UWSP, traveled together, and maintained a long-distance friendship as she built her life in Atlanta, Ga. We stood in faith for the right man to come into each other's lives... and at the perfect time, they did. Lee and I just over 10 years ago and Cami and Darren's this past November (in the midst of a pandemic because... well, LOVE!)

When you're a wedding photographer and are faced with the choice to "standing up" in the wedding of a close friend or shooting it... you have to make a choice: step aside for another photographer to photograph or shoot if yourself. After being in the photo biz for years, I have learned that the BEST way I can support is through my craft.  Being a wedding photographer... I don't know if there is any better way to serve a dear friend than being behind the lens. Visually documenting and emotionally supporting is what I know (and do best)... I will gladly set aside the title of bridesmaid in an effort to support a close friend as she enters into a new stage. 

All I can say... what an honor. 

On that note... I'm thrilled to be able to say felicitations to my dear friend, Cami, and of course, Darren, the man that makes her smile.  That may seem trite - but do not be fooled... 

To the bride and groom:

Lee and I love you both dearly... and can't wait to make memories with you both, the Finks.

With gusto + love,

Ann + Lee


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Kyle and Janine | Rose House | 2020 Wedding

Photographing Janine + Kyle's wedding was a very special treat.  See, Lee and I have known Janine since she was in grade school. 

At one point, Lee and I were both her teachers.  I remember years ago she said, "You and Lee are going to photograph my wedding one day." Just after Kyle proposed to Janine, she messaged me within 24 hours. We had such a great time connecting, getting to know Kyle - who is just so obviously head over heels for Janine (and vice versa).  We were so excited to get to finally get to photograph this couple's special day.

Of course, like the other weddings in 2020, there were hurdles and zig-zags to work around with the pandemic but they were set to tie the know on 10.10.2020.  Lee and I are thrilled that they did. It was beautiful!  All that came out to celebrate made the day memorable.  I don't know what it is about these Covid weddings... but for those that pressed on.  You will forever have a special spot in our hearts!

To Janine + Kyle:

Thank you for following our little photo business all these years and still choosing us!  It was an honor and we look forward to connecting more with you in the near future!  We are so excited for both of you! <3

Until next time...

With gusto,

Ann + Lee

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Fall Wedding | Bullseye Golf Club | Wisconsin Rapids

Last fall, Lee and I met Nick + Emily and were so excited to get to work with them.  First off, they had us photograph their engagement session at a Motorcross track where Nick proposed to Emily so that was unique!  Second, I got they told us at the wedding there was going to be a car that was special to them that we'd be photographing them in.  Seriously, seeing Emily get in the car in her wedding dress was priceless.  Though it was cloudy most of the day, and a little cooler than anticipated beyond the obvious hoops of getting married in the midst of a pandemic of sorts, their delight for one another was beautiful.

To Nick + Emily:

Thank you for inviting us to photograph these milestones in your life together.  Your steadfastness in moving through despite all the odds was inspiring! We look forward to seeing you two continue to grow in not only your Motorcross skills but getting the Masters in education! SO FUN!

Until next time...

With gusto + moxie, 

Ann + Lee

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Fall Wedding at Par 4 Resort | Waupaca, Wisconsin


On the morning of Alex and Jacob's wedding, I walked into the hotel room where the ladies were getting ready, and what I was greeted with was peace.  Having photographed 80+ weddings, I can say that isn't every wedding's vibe but for these two it was.  I didn't fully know what I was going to encounter as many things had not gone as planned due to a pandemic... and rain - a double whammy!  Despite all that, it was beautiful and truly reflected Alex + Jacob. 



To Alex + Jacob:

Thank you for rolling with the punches and staying true to yourselves in the process.  It was truly a delight getting to connect with you both - and such a joy getting to photograph your special day!


Until next time...

With gusto,

Ann + Lee


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Classic Fall Wedding | Hotel Mead | Wisconsin Rapids

The weather in Wisconsin has been all over the place this fall.  Thankfully, Emily + Kevin got a pocket of sunshine with a bit of the fall warmth that follows a dreary, cold + rainy week on their wedding day.  We had a FULL day of getting ready, to a beautiful traditional Catholic wedding mass, followed by a cocktail hour, dinner, and wedding dance!  The reception hall was transformed by Bev's Floral.  You were not only welcomed with cascading flowers from the head table and light fixtures but also be the aroma of all the flowers.  It was rather enchanting and the perfect setting for Emily + Kevin to dance the night away with close friends and family!


To the bride + groom:

From the moment we met you through FaceTime at the beginning of the pandemic up to the wedding day, it has been a pleasure getting to know you!  Connecting with you and watching you work with all that has been thrown at you has been inspiring. Lee and I are so thankful we were able to be apart of your day and capture all the moments that you pursued despite the adversity!

Thank you for allowing us to be there and witness it all.

With gusto,

Ann + Lee

(Ann Ilagan Photography) Central Wisconsin Covid wedding Fall wedding Hotel Mead pandemic wedding Wisconsin Wisconsin Rapids Sun, 13 Sep 2020 19:26:51 GMT
Destination wedding at Dane's Hall | Waupaca, WI

Despite the pandemic, family and friends traveled to little ol' Waupaca, Wisconsin to celebrate with Carrie + Caleb.  These two should win an award planning their wedding in the midst of such a time as this!  (It truly helps when you have an amazing wedding planner like Marsha at Distinctly Yours Wedding & Events, LLC! (If you're a bride need help with your day, check her website out:

The thing that stood out the most to me was not the face masks, but the first look.  So many couples are on the fence on whether to do a first look or not, well, there are a few photos below that will say it all!  I love that Carrie + Caleb had those first moments together early on in the day.  They read their vows to one another, shared happy tears, and laughs - it was beautiful!

I can't wait for you to get a glimpse into their day - it was definitely their own!

To Carrie + Caleb:

Thank you for pressing on and choosing to continue with your wedding despite all the issues with the pandemic.  It was an honor to get to witness your authenticity and love for each other!

We thank you for allowing us to document such a sweet time in your lives together.  Here's to a new chapter as husband and wife!

With gusto + moxie,

Ann + Lee


(Ann Ilagan Photography) Central Wisconsin Covid wedding Dane's Hall Dane's Hall wedding Destination Wedding Distinctly Yours Wedding and Events Waupaca Waupaca wedding Wisconsin Wisconsin wedding Thu, 03 Sep 2020 01:24:43 GMT
Destination Wedding in Green Lake Wisconsin  

Lee and I had the pleasure of getting to know this lovely couple from Chicago through FaceTime at the beginning of the pandemic in March.  We all had high hopes that things would be more stable by August but as you all know, it's all up in the air still!

Carrie and Brady's wedding was originally supposed to take place this coming August, but they opted to save the bigger celebration with friends and family next year when people near and far can celebrate.  They still wanted to be married this summer and decided to move the date up to July 3 and hold a smaller, intimate gathering.  Like many couples, they had to make some big decisions in adjusting their expectations in how they wanted to celebrate their wedding nuptials.  I am loving the trend of holding a smaller wedding and planning for a bigger celebration in the future!  I mean, why wouldn't you want to celebrate more than once? I don't know about you, but I'm a birthday week kinda gal versus a birthday-day kind - WHY NOT?! ;)  

Now, let me tell you, July 3rd was a hot day but these two pressed through!  We ducked in and out of air-conditioned vehicles and shade while we took portraits in a few different locations they chose.  I feel like all of our years in shooting lead up to this moment so we could be quick and efficient AND STILL get a good variety of portraits despite the heat!

The ceremony was held in their family's backyard overlooking Green Lake followed by a spin around the lake in a beautiful Chris-Craft boat (side note: Lee has ALWAYS wanted to ride in a Chris-Craft boat since he saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... so THANKS, Carrie + Brady for making that dream come true for him!). After the boat ride, the evening ensued with dinner, yard games, and sparkling conversation late into the evening. 

It was truly a beautiful way to begin a new chapter of life!

To Carrie + Brady:

It was a joy getting to work with you and seeing how you adjusted your plans numerous times; from our first meeting in May based on the original plans to what actually happened on your wedding day.  Your desire to roll with the punches is delightful! Lee and I were honored to get to be apart of your day!

Until next time...

With gusto,

Ann + Lee


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Par 4 Resort Summer Wedding | Waupaca, WI

Friday weddings are my favorite.  Typically they're smaller and extremely intentional, with that in mind, Sabrina + Brett had to get even more intentional with the whole pandemic situation.  

On Christmas Eve 2019, Lee and I had the privilege of photographing Sabrina + Brett's proposal.   Lee and I hid underneath a building waiting for Brett to lead Sabrina to the spot where he chose to "pop the question" and introduced ourselves to them after (it was a surprise for them)! Six months later Lee and I got to capture their "I do's" with their closest friends and family at Par 4 Resort in Waupaca.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the energy was high with the bridal party, family, and four friends that were able to make it due to the COVID-19 policy restrictions in place.  Talking with Sabrina in the planning phase, they went from plan A then to plan B, then plan C... and then back to a modified plan A! We loved seeing everyone come together to celebrate the happy couple!  What stood out to me (besides seeing hand sanitizer everywhere) was all the joy from pouring out from all that attended.  

Who knows what trends will stick after the restrictions are lifted... but I can tell you, an intimate ceremony will always be in vogue in my book.



To Brett + Sabrina:

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day.  Lee and I are so proud of you for riding all the waves that you encountered these past few months and the gumption to choose to move forward with your day.  It truly was beautiful!  We are so happy for you as you get to move forward as husband and wife!


With gusto,

Ann + Lee




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Woodlands Church Winter Wedding | Marrying my Daddio off!


Picture this:  two brilliant people, who had strong marriages and full families, losing their spouse to cancer after a courageous fight.  Several years passed as they walked out finding their separate new normals without their faithful partners and emotionally supporting their grown children as they find their new normal without their mom/dad.  In due time their separate paths found their way to seeing a sweet second act with a new love.  That’s the beginning of Ginny and Jim… also known as Daddio to me.


Watching these two together was heartwarming.  Being the only girl in my small family, I naturally felt a need to keep an eye on my dad after losing my sweet mum.  When Ginny entered, it was fun watching my dad’s eyes light up again in a new way after several years of not having his companion of 38 years.  Was it weird at first, of course!  However, in my life so far, I have learned life is better when you have people you can share it with.  Knowing my dad has a companion to laugh with and share the daily nuances of life at the end of the day brings me a sense of peace and joy.  


The wedding was intimate and heartfelt.  Lee and I, of course, photographed it because, honestly, it’s how I process life - and this was a big event for me.  The ceremony was emotional, especially as both the late spouses were honored and remembered.  It makes sense because Ginny and my dad are who they are because of life with their own families.  It was also special as they recognized the blending of the families - 3 sons on Ginny’s side and 2 sons and a daughter on my dad’s side - 5 spouses and 6 grandkids.  Christmas this year looked a little different for all of us… but it was sweet seeing God work through it all.


As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my childhood home that my mum turned into a place where people would come and be revived by her hospitable touch.  I watched my crazy dad drive away with a small snowblower in the back of his car secured by ropes - the hatch not fully closed despite it being only 23 degrees.  I love knowing he is heading to his new home with Ginny while I sit here with a glimmer of excitement in my heart knowing that in just a few weeks my childhood home will become Lee’s and my new home.  Yes, you read that right.  Lee and I are buying a house… and it just happens to be my childhood home - since moving to Wisconsin, anyway.  I feel a sense of peace knowing that I get to carry on what my sweet mum started here… creating a place where people can come rest and just be.  


If you made it this far, I hope that you enjoy these photos I’m about to share.  They are a visual story told through the eyes of a loving daughter marrying off her dad to a brilliant woman knowing God had a plan in the midst of heartache and loss.  My sweet mum shared with me in her last months on earth, “I know God has another woman lined up for your dad.  God knows that man can’t live alone.” ;) On that note… Here is to strengthening relationships in 2020 as this world is better when we live it together.