Antigo Outdoor Wedding | Wisconsin

July 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Two-day wedding?  Yes, you heard that right...

Have you ever thought there is too much packed into a wedding day and you wished you could spread it out to really soak it all in? 

Well, Kayla + Zach had that feeling and decided to change it!

Last year, when this adventurous couple reached out to us regarding wedding photography, brought this idea up:

Friday:  Vows exchanged in front of close friends and family beside the stream on their family's land at sunset; followed by portraits, and end with a champagne toast.

Saturday: Full-on party time with friends and family!

Lee and I were immediately on board.  We LOVED that these two had a desire to really soak in the incredible moments versus go through the day and feel like it passed in the blink of an eye!  (Lee and I have gone through our own wedding and boy did it fly by!)

When the day came, Kayla + Zach were so relaxed and the events of the evening felt like a true extension of how they are as a couple.  Their family and bridal party surrounding them at sunset along the stream was enchanting.  After the ceremony (which included a ukelele, sage cleansing, and planting a tree!), we were able to wander the land where they intend to build their own home one day, without a timeline and then head back to rest up to celebrate the next day with everyone!  Lee and I felt so honored to be able to be a part of it all!


To Zach + Kayla:

Thank you for incorporating us into your day.  We enjoyed getting to know you and hearing your story... and the opportunity to document such a sweet story that will be used to share with family and friends in the years to come!

With gusto,

Ann + Lee


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