Classic Woodlands Church Wedding | DUC Alumni Room Reception

August 17, 2018  •  1 Comment

August 4th, 2018 was a day that was long awaited for Hannah and Aaron.  This well-educated couple met their freshman year of college at UW Eau Claire and stayed true to their path as a team all the way through their respective graduate schools.  When Lee and I walked into Woodlands church getting ourselves set up for the day, we could feel the excitement of what was coming in a few short hours.  Hannah and Aaron were finally getting to take their relationship to that next level with family and friends from all over the country standing beside them.  It was a pleasure to get to stand back and watch/photograph it all.  There was no sense of urgency or stress - a relaxed excitement reigned It almost felt like a big sigh of peace that all is right.  Something that really helped this day be stress-free was Marsha Van Ark of Distinctly Yours!  Since the couple was not based in Wisconsin, Marsha helped work out so many details for them.  If you need help making your ideal wedding happen, Marsha is the best! Believe me, Lee and I have shot many weddings and if Marsha was the coordinator, we knew the wedding day was going to be smooth and all the stressful pieces would feel like a breeze!




To Hannah + Aaron:

After several phone conversations throughout the year, it was such a treat to finally get to be in the same place and see all of your ideas come together.  We loved all of your special touches on the day come through (our fave was the fact you chose gelato over cake!). Seeing your friends from each of your schools be there to celebrate you was unique.  It was a true honor to get to document it all!  Best wishes and a huge congrats to you both!  You did it!

Until next time...

With gusto,

Ann + Lee




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These are awesome! What a FUN day!!❤️
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