Woodlands Church Winter Wedding | Marrying my Daddio off!

December 31, 2019  •  8 Comments


Picture this:  two brilliant people, who had strong marriages and full families, losing their spouse to cancer after a courageous fight.  Several years passed as they walked out finding their separate new normals without their faithful partners and emotionally supporting their grown children as they find their new normal without their mom/dad.  In due time their separate paths found their way to seeing a sweet second act with a new love.  That’s the beginning of Ginny and Jim… also known as Daddio to me.


Watching these two together was heartwarming.  Being the only girl in my small family, I naturally felt a need to keep an eye on my dad after losing my sweet mum.  When Ginny entered, it was fun watching my dad’s eyes light up again in a new way after several years of not having his companion of 38 years.  Was it weird at first, of course!  However, in my life so far, I have learned life is better when you have people you can share it with.  Knowing my dad has a companion to laugh with and share the daily nuances of life at the end of the day brings me a sense of peace and joy.  


The wedding was intimate and heartfelt.  Lee and I, of course, photographed it because, honestly, it’s how I process life - and this was a big event for me.  The ceremony was emotional, especially as both the late spouses were honored and remembered.  It makes sense because Ginny and my dad are who they are because of life with their own families.  It was also special as they recognized the blending of the families - 3 sons on Ginny’s side and 2 sons and a daughter on my dad’s side - 5 spouses and 6 grandkids.  Christmas this year looked a little different for all of us… but it was sweet seeing God work through it all.


As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my childhood home that my mum turned into a place where people would come and be revived by her hospitable touch.  I watched my crazy dad drive away with a small snowblower in the back of his car secured by ropes - the hatch not fully closed despite it being only 23 degrees.  I love knowing he is heading to his new home with Ginny while I sit here with a glimmer of excitement in my heart knowing that in just a few weeks my childhood home will become Lee’s and my new home.  Yes, you read that right.  Lee and I are buying a house… and it just happens to be my childhood home - since moving to Wisconsin, anyway.  I feel a sense of peace knowing that I get to carry on what my sweet mum started here… creating a place where people can come rest and just be.  


If you made it this far, I hope that you enjoy these photos I’m about to share.  They are a visual story told through the eyes of a loving daughter marrying off her dad to a brilliant woman knowing God had a plan in the midst of heartache and loss.  My sweet mum shared with me in her last months on earth, “I know God has another woman lined up for your dad.  God knows that man can’t live alone.” ;) On that note… Here is to strengthening relationships in 2020 as this world is better when we live it together.



Yuyan Sun(non-registered)
Such a sweet couple! Best wishes!
Love the pictures the where very good. I love that even after losing the first love of you life people can find another one.
Korryn Dean(non-registered)
Awww....yay! I so love your family, and was really going to miss your dad. Excited that you will be our new neighbor and will get to continue to see you all!! Beautiful pictures, of a beautiful couple!
Sue Porter(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!
Congratulations Ginny and Jim!
Mary Newton(non-registered)
so beautiful! thank you for posting. Our love and best wishes always.
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