Cenita Winery Wedding | Camille and Darren | Georgia

January 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It's not every day that a wedding photographer gets to photograph a dear friend's wedding. 

In November 2020, the year that many want to forget,  I photographed a close friend's wedding!  Folks, this is a friend that is going on 17 years of friendship and that is an accomplishment in this day and age.

I met Cami (her professional friends call her Camille) around my 20th birthday - the same time I met Lee (um... the man's whose last name I made my own).  They met several months before I entered the picture. Over the years Cami and I took classes in college together at UWSP, traveled together, and maintained a long-distance friendship as she built her life in Atlanta, Ga. We stood in faith for the right man to come into each other's lives... and at the perfect time, they did. Lee and I just over 10 years ago and Cami and Darren's this past November (in the midst of a pandemic because... well, LOVE!)

When you're a wedding photographer and are faced with the choice to "standing up" in the wedding of a close friend or shooting it... you have to make a choice: step aside for another photographer to photograph or shoot if yourself. After being in the photo biz for years, I have learned that the BEST way I can support is through my craft.  Being a wedding photographer... I don't know if there is any better way to serve a dear friend than being behind the lens. Visually documenting and emotionally supporting is what I know (and do best)... I will gladly set aside the title of bridesmaid in an effort to support a close friend as she enters into a new stage. 

All I can say... what an honor. 

On that note... I'm thrilled to be able to say felicitations to my dear friend, Cami, and of course, Darren, the man that makes her smile.  That may seem trite - but do not be fooled... 

To the bride and groom:

Lee and I love you both dearly... and can't wait to make memories with you both, the Finks.

With gusto + love,

Ann + Lee



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