Woodlands Church Winter Wedding

December 31, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


Well, it's December 31, 2021.  Lee and I had to share one more wedding.  This was a special one to us as it was two of our friends getting married. 

This is a two part post since we had the pleasure of getting them dolled up twice to create memorable portraits before the wedding - I'll share those another time. This is post is to showcase their special celebration on December 4. :)

Watching Tony and Diane's relationship flourish is such a joy.  It's fun knowing that we were there the first night they met.  At the end of this post... you'll see their first video and photo together the night they met over fish fry at Guu's December 2019.  Since then we have enjoyed multiple fish fry's together, they helped us move into our first home, AND completed their first project together of hanging a mirror before they were dating!  Our friend Emily, Lee and I witnessed (and participated in) the night Tony first met Diane's kiddos - complete with a Nerf gun fight and heaps of laughter.  We are thrilled for this new family to walk out their unique story and are honored to have been able to photograph the celebration of their start!

Hey Diane and Tony! If you're reading this... we love you and look forward to our next Friday Night Friends. ;)

With gusto,

Ann (+ Lee)



Here is their first photo together (horrible light and all - second and third on the left) at "Friday Night Fish Fry Friends":


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